Hard Money Lenders Terms & Conditions

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Direct Hard Money Lenders California

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Before Applying with Hard money Lenders

hard money terms and conditions

We Fund our Hard Money Loans in just 3 days.
APPRAISAL not necessary for most Loans

Rates: Starts @ 6.99% depends on the property, borrowers financials and location

Points: Starts @ 2 points

Term: 3 Months up to 5 Years

Loan Amount: $50,000- $10,000,000

Type of property: Commercial & Residential

States we will Fund in: Nationwide

Type of Loans we do: Refinance, Purchase, 1st TD’s, some 2nd TD’s

Loan to value: Up to 80%

Prepay: Starts at 3 months Prepay

Occupancy: NON Owner occupied only(Owner occupied must qualify with income)

Credit Type: Bad Credit, No Credit- OK

US Citizens only?: NO, Non US citizens may apply as well.

Income requirement: We look at Banks deposits to confirm income- WE DO NOT REQUIRE TAXES!

Pre-qualify now: 818-308-4443

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